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20 Things to do When You Move to Vegas

Since I have an hour to kill and we get weekly posts asking about moving to Vegas I figured i would share a few things about moving to Vegas. Hopefully others will chime in with their tips as well (and we will see how long it takes for one of the local newspapers to grab up this thread as one of their own feature stories :I ).
  1. Check the crime map. I mean it's a city so there will be crime everywhere but some places have more crime than others.
  2. Find a good realtor. They can help you find a place to buy or a place to rent and it will save you a lot of time and effort.
  3. Now that you have an address check out the Clark County Assessors page and see if you qualify for any exemptions. These can save you a boatload of money on your car registration fees and/or property tax.
  4. Next switch your car insurance to a local carrier (expensive) and switch over your driver's license and registration which is both expensive and time consuming.
  5. Now that you have a local ID go get a library card. We have one of the best library systems in the country and with your card you can stream movies and music and download ebooks as well as do regular library stuff like check out books and participate in their myriad of programs all for free.
  6. You might want to get your car windows tinted. While dark tint is illegal in many areas, it is perfectly legal here and will keep you from being roasted like a goat on a spit during summer driving.
  7. Also with your local ID you can hit up as many casinos as possible and sign up for their player's cards. This will get you lots of coupons sent to your address for things like match play and two for one buffets among other things. Be sure to ask if you qualify for additional goodies for being a veteran or a senior (usually free meals or bigger discounts on restaurants and shows).
  8. Next sign up for House Seats, FillASeat, and/or ShowTickets4Locals which for a small fees (ShowTickets4Locals is free) you can see as many shows as you want for a year or two.
  9. For even more entertainment options, pick up an annual pass to local places of interest so you can go fee-free all year (the National Parks pass is great if you like the outdoors, the Children's Discovery Museum is great if you have kids, museums often have annual passes as does the Springs Preserve, etc).
  10. To meet like minded people, join a club! There are Meet Up groups, walking clubs, an astronomy club, HAM radio clubs, shooting clubs, etc.
  11. Speaking of shooting, if you are of a mind to, go get your concealed carry permit. The Gun Store offers free concealed carry permit classes.
  12. If you have kids, picking the right school will be a big deal. Ask your realtor about this (currently the whole of Clark County is one giant school district but school quality varies greatly by community), also consider private schools, magnet schools, and charter schools.
  13. Add some local links to your social media accounts. Obviously subscribe to /vegas and /vegaslocals and add likes/follows to LVMPD, LVRJ, Vegas Sun, National Weather Service Las Vegas, etc.
  14. Get active in the community by volunteering. No matter what your passion, Vegas probably has a place that could use your help (volunteering at local schools or at the Animal Foundation, getting active in politics, cleaning up parks and open spaces, fundraising for local non profits, etc).
  15. Check out the local shopping. Many people can live for months on what they can buy at Dollar Tree or the 99 cent store, our huge Asian and Mexican grocery stores are a treasure trove of yummy yet inexpensive food, if you've never been to a Goodwill we have some of the best in the country, and nearly every strip mall in the city has one or more unique stores to check out.
  16. One way we explored the city when we first moved here was to do monthly challenges. One month we visited every museum in the city, another it was every park, and another was trying a different restaurant every day for a month.
  17. Become a regular. In a big, transient city, it is often hard to feel like you fit in. By becoming a regular (at your local coffee shop, library, certain restaurant, etc) people will recognize you and you will feel more like you are a part of the place.
  18. Develop traditions. Again, in a big, transient city that is far from traditional, sometime you have to create your own traditions. If you make it a point to go to the Ethel M lighted cactus garden every December or participate every year in the Santa run, or look forward to attending the NFR rodeo each year, you will begin to develop family traditions even in a not to traditional place.
  19. Get in the habit of always asking for a discount. Ask for a locals discount, a senior discount, a veterans discount...lots of places, from restaurants to stores to events and tourists sites offer discounts just for the asking.
  20. If you really need to get out of Vegas for a while consider the ultra cheap--and really interesting--Greyline tour to Laughlin, or take the Megabus or Bolt Bus to LA for the day.
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Visiting 28th-1st... Are we doing it right? Can you help us do it better!?

My lovely girlfriend and I will be visiting May 28th through the 1st. Below are some ideas we got from this subreddit (THANK YOU!!) I think we got a lot covered but I'm sure there's even more. Any suggestions would be totally appreciated! But first.. a bit of info about us. Its going to be random.. Sorry.. But thanks all at the same time:
We are in our early 20s (old enough to drink). We like to drink. We are Ent friendly. We like to eat (DUH). Not really interested in going to 'clubs'. Free is always good. Cheap is nice too but that doesn't mean we wont indulge in some fine dining or a nice show (We already have tickets to BMG and Vegas The Show). Walking isn't a problem (We will get a bus/Monorailpass). The lady will probably wanna 'shop'. Not really my thing. That is all I can think of right now.
Ok so here's our list:
Not Free:
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