The 58 Most Bigly Interesting Facts About Donald Trump

Trump has a 37-floor casino, The Trump Plaza Hotel, which was finished in 1984 when Back To The Future was being made. He is currently frontrunner in the race to be the Republicans' candidate for Donald Trump is Biff Tannen from "Back to the Future Part II," and we're in the future now. In the classic 1989 movie, the character Biff gets rich by traveling back in time and giving his younger self a sports almanac from the year 2015. When Marty McFly, the film's hero, travels to a dystopian 1985, he encounters a rich Biff: a blonde, casino-owning jackass living in a Vegas-style palace. A The Trump Tower in New York City on October 24, 2012. The author writes that when demolishing the old Bonwit Teller building to make way for Trump Tower, the demolition contractor was a union Trump Tower in New York has 58 floors. Trump claims to live on the 66 Back to the Future writer, Bob Gale, claims that character Biff Tannen is based upon Donald Trump. 9. During 1999, Trump suggested a one off ‘wealth tax’ entailing individuals worth $10 million or more paying 14.25% in tax. He theorised that this would raise $5.7 trillion and eliminate the American debt. 10. The Trump had become a pop culture figure in part by requiring he get a cameo in movies that were filmed in Trump Tower. His lifestyle inspired rappers to drop his name more than 300 times over 30 years, and Biff, the bully villain in “Back to the Future” who grows up to own a casino tower, was based on Trump. “The Apprentice,” though, took Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel, also known as "Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel" and "Pleasure Paradise", is a casino hotel founded and owned by BiffCo's very own namesake president Biff Tannen in Back to the Future II following his spectacular gambling winning streak, which was actually the result of being given Grays Sports Almanac by his older self in the 1955 of the By the early-Eighties, Trump was already a property mogul, with his landmark Trump Tower officially opening in February 1983. There was also the Trump Plaza and Casino in Atlantic City, which launched in May 1984. Gaudy and full of self-publicity, much like Biff’s Pleasure Paradise (see below), the parallels are obvious. So both Biff and It's on the 21st that evil Biff Tannen steals McFly's time machine, travels to 1955 and gives his younger self a 2015 sports almanac that brings him a gambling fortune. When McFly returns to 1985, Tannen is obscenely rich and powerful. He lives in a tower on top of a casino and has a blond combover. It's long seemed as though filmmakers based rich Biff on Donald Trump -- and screenwriter Bob Of course, in the movie, Biff uses the profits from his 27-story casino (the Trump Plaza Hotel, completed in 1984, is 37 floors, by the way) to help shake up the Republican Party, before History. The Pleasure Paradise was located in the same spot where the Hill Valley courthouse once was (although it still had some of the original building as part of it, including the non-functioning clock tower, possibly to save some money during construction).. It consisted of twenty-eight floors of hotel space, with a casino located on the main floor and a museum dedicated to Biff himself.

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